Obituary: undergroundcop November 1999- May 2017

The database failure has put the final nail in the coffin.

This is not the way I had envisioned the end would come but we have had a great seventeen year run. When I think back to the early days, we were communicating via the forum before Facebook, Twitter, text messages and smartphones. All of them now are obviously faster for information flow but we still survived. We even survived the push from my wife to turn the forum over to someone else.

Undergroundcop went online in November 1999 as a reaction to the demotions of the command staff by newly appointed Chief (Sgt) Terrell Bolton. Originally the forum was open to anyone with a single password and everybody posted anonymously. I took over the website in 2003. I could see that we needed a better software for the forum and that we needed a way to register people so they could have a username and password. We had some users that were afraid that it was some kind of trap to find out who was posting on the forum so I was very careful to not know who registered. To protect the forum from "outsiders" I screened people who wanted to register by asking for date of hire and class number. If those two matched up I approved the registration.

In all the years we operated I only banned two people. One was for "outing" a member's username and the other was a female (whose name escapes me) that was fired.

It's been great and I want to thank all those who have been hanging with us all these years.

J R Smith #2872

I will release the email address and domain name to anybody that is interested in carrying on. EMAIL

Facebook Users: One of our members is stepping up to the plate.

Check Facebook for Undergroundcop (closed group)

The admin set up the FB group for DPD only